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Bruce has been filming for the US TV show SHE SPIES. It is just one episode that he appears in.


We are sorry to announce that Bruce will not be attending the scheduled DragonCon event due to other commitments.

Bruce will be attending the Scarecrow and Mrs. King 20th Anniversary event -- Other cast confirmed included Beverly Garland, Martha Smith, Paul Stout and Greg Morton. More information on the event can be obtained at www.smk20thanniversary.com

SNAKEHEAD TERROR was filmed for the Sci-Fi Channel, also starring Carol Alt and William B. Davis.

Bruce finished filming the independent movie THEY ARE AMONG US.

America Remembers has released the Bruce Boxleitner Tribute Rifle. A full color brochure is available from the fan club upon request, or you can also visit them online at www.americaremembers.com

Bruce was elected to a 3 year term on the Hollywood National Board of the Screen Actors Guild. He received 5,567 votes overall which was enough to snag one of the 11 seats available on the Board.

Bruce recently appeared at E3 with Cindy Morgan, Steve Lisberger and
Richard Taylor to promote the upcoming Tron 2.0 PC game. Here is a pic from the event:

Gods and Generals - Lucky James Oiler recently met Bruce... here's the report!

I was very pleased that Bruce took the time to come to the dinning tent and speak with the reenactors for the movie and took time to have photos taken with us at Disneyland. This just goes to show what a down to earth fellow he really is.
I enjoyed being in the movie and watching such wonderful people as Bruce ply their trade as actors. Thanks for this opportunity from an ole retired school teacher that got his few seconds of fame with such gracious people.
Thanks again .James Oiler

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New Independant Feature "Heart of The Storm"

Debuts at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival on November 5.

Melissa filmed in New Orleans. Heart of the storm is a independent feature With Tom Cavanaugh and Brian Wimmer, we will keep you posted with more info as soon as we have it.

The Discovery Fund For Eye Research 2004

On May 27, 2004 The Discovery Fund For Eye Research is launching its 4th
annual "Seeing the Stars," celebrity charity eyewear and memorabilia
auction on eBay. Melissa Gilbert has generously donated a pair of her
glasses and a signed photo for auction to benefit the Discovery Fund's
medical research and patient education programs for Macular Degeneration,
Keratoconus, Diabetic Retinopathy and Ocular Herpes.

For more information please visit their ebay website listings - Discovery Fund For Eye Research

Read the latest about Melissa's involvement with SAG _ HERE


10th Annual SAG Awards™ to Air on Turner Network Television (TNT) Sunday, February 22, 2004


Dear All,
I have been trying to help raise funds for this kid for years. Please go to the website and help...in any way you can.
Thank you!
Click here: Scott Daniel Mickan

These are the previous messages from Melissa that appeared on the website.


It has been an awfully long time since our last message, so much has happened in our lives and in our world, it is difficult to know where to begin.
I guess we must start by letting you know that our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women from all over the world who are currently involved in the war in Iraq. We watch the news closely and our hearts break when we hear of another death or injury. It is a very hard time for so many people. We have faith in the brave American men and women who are putting their lives on the line daily. The same for the other troops from Great Britain and the other coalition countries. We pray that all of them will soon return home into the embrace of their loved ones.
We pray also, that the Iraqi people will soon have no war in their country and can live their lives in peace and freedom.
It is so hard to know what to do. Their is conflict abroad, conflict here at home. People seem more divided than ever. It seems to us that many people on both sides of the issue have forgotten how to listen and how to let go. The saddest thing of all is the possibility that we are sending a mixed message to all of those courageous men and women whose lives are on the line daily.
Maybe it is easy to criticize because we are far away from it. We watch it like we watch a movie. It almost seems unreal.
Listen, the last thing we would advocate is the stifling of debate but, now is the time to come together and send a strong, unified message that we appreciate and support our troops and we stand behind them.
It doesn't matter now, whether we believe in the war itself, we must let those men and women know that we believe in them.
I guess that is pretty much all we have to say right now. Everything else seems to pale in comparison.
We are healthy and happy. So are our children. That's all we can ask for right now.

We hope this message finds you well and safe.

With love and Peace,
Melissa and Bruce


My, my, my, it has been quite a long time since my last message!
Things here at Wicklow Manor (our home) have been so busy!!!
Between the husband, the kids, the union, the pilot and the upcoming Holidays, I am spinning like a multi-tasking top. Make no mistake, though, I am having the time of my life.
My marriage is a blessing that I thank heaven for every day.My children are my inspiration and my heart.
My SAG duties challenge me in ways I could never have imagined.
And I am having the most incredible time working on "Then Came Jones".
One of the most amazing things that has happened so far is that we are shooting at Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley and at Paramount Studios. The very same places where we shot "Little House". It has been a real trip walking around there back in the petticoats and lace-up boots of my youth.
Hopefully some of that "Little House" magic will rub off on us.
I'm also gearing up for the holidays. As usual, Bruce and I are hosting our family here for Thanksgiving so I've been planning the meal and thinking about table settings etc.
I really enjoy cooking, so hosting Thanksgiving is especially fun for me. ....yummy too. I'm making the meal and my Mom is making the pies and my sister is making the rolls. It is such a nice time for my family. We all spend the day together cooking and eating and laughing....well, Bruce doesn't help much with the cooking. You know how some people can't dance because they have two left feet? Bruce can't cook....he has two left....spatulas. So he keeps us regaled with his stories and of course, our favorite, heated political debate.
I guess that's it for now. I wish you all the most wonderful Holiday season.
I will do my best to send you another message before the end of the year.

Be well and happy,
PMG (my new nick-name)

Melissa Gilbert
Screen Actors Guild

August 2nd 2001

Happy August everyone!
I'm finding it very hard to believe that it is August already. It's almost
time for the kids to go back to school. A good thing for me, not so good for
As you all know, I am running for the presidency of SAG. I don't think I've
ever been this busy in my adult life. The campaigning, the strategizing,the
meetings, the interviews....WOW! Now, to top it off, I've gotten a job. An
exciting one at that! I am going to star in and DIRECT a movie for Animal
Planet called "Eye of the Wolf"It looks like we will start shooting in the
Northwest in Sept.-Oct.This is my first movie as a director. I play a widowed
rancher with a young son who, after an accident, gets stuck in the woods for
days with a female wolf who has been trapped by poachers. It's up to the son
to rescue me. It's a very action-packed story. Lots of animals to work with,
even four wolf cubs!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!
Someone asked me if I really wanted to direct myself. Later that day I was in
my car trying to picture what directing myself would look like. In my mind I
saw Michael Landon directing himself with us in "Little House." Well, I just
burst into tears. Once again, the legacy that he gave to me will live on. It
never ceases to amaze me, just how much he taught me.
Very soon, I will have my campaign platform ready in a readable form. As soon
as I do, I will get it to Jane so she can post it on the site. Feel free to
pass it on to friends who may be SAG members. I will also give Jane
information about how you can help with my campaign.
I guess that's all for now.
Today, Bruce and I are taking Lee, Dakota and Mikey on a little vacation. The
way things have speeded up around here, we really need it.
I hope that you are all well and happy!

Much Love,

January 24th 2001

Well it's 2001. Not much to report. The holidays were great very exciting and
festive. We had all four boys together for Christmas. I think they are all
VERY happy with what Santa brought them.
My Christmas was wonderful. I love being surrounded by my boys (Bruce
included). They all gave me really special gifts, but the best part for me
was just having us all together. It really is my favorite time of year.
As far as work goes, it is pilot season, so I am reading pilots and trying to
find a new series. It all depends if I find something I want to do and if the
people doing it want me in it. Who knows. My last movie "Nora Robert's
Sanctuary" will air on CBS on February 28th. I hope you enjoy it.
Well, I guess that's it for now.

Be well and happy,

Sept 14th 2000

Happy September eveyone. I am very happy to report that my documentary for
A&E was the 7th highest rated show in their history! My partners and I are
very proud and based on the response we are getting, the show really made
people think.Thanks for the support.
I am now in Canada filming "Sanctuary". I worked almost 17 hours yesterday.
Did a lot of crying scenes.Then when the sun went down, I got to run around
screaming in a simulated hurricane!.........Ahhh, the glamorous life of an
actress....On a personal note, Bruce finished his movie and is here with
Mikey and I. It sure is nice to have at least part of the family together.
Well, I guess that's about it for now. Gotta go to work and do some more
stunts in the hurricane.

Be well and happy,

P.S. I do not have time to check my e-mails at Mrs. Boxbert for a while so if
I don't anwer, please understand

August 8th 2000

Hello everyone,

I can't tell you how my e-mail has been flooded with such kind words from
people all over the world. It really gives me such joy to see how much
"Little House" still means to people
Things here are starting to get a little bit busy. Between Bruce recovering
from knee surgery, the kids being out of school and both Bruce and I getting
ready to go off on two separate locations for two different movies it has
been pretty wacky! I think the hardest part is working out to get in shape
for my film. I'm sure the ladies out there will be able to relate to
this..... It's not easy for a woman who has had two kids to look like she
hasn't had any!!!Oh well, I'm doing the best that I can but boy how I miss
french fries!!!!!!!
For those of you in the U.S. my documentary "Child Stars: Their Story" is
going to be on September 4th on A&E. I hope that you enjoy it. My partners
and I wanted to give people a chance to see a more balanced perspective of
what it's like to be a child actor. We've been pretty tired of being
portrayed as a very sad group of drug addicts and criminals. Hopefully the
show will open your eyes to the truth.
Well, I guess that's pretty much all I have to report for this month. Next
time you hear from me I'll be on location.

Be well and happy!!!!

The First ever message!

July 24th 2000

Wow!!! I truly am amazed by this website! Not only is it full of great
photos, some of which I haven't seen in years or at all, But just the way it
is put together is really terrific. I have to say though, reading the guest
book really moved me. I feel so blessed to have such a loyal group of people
in my corner. I too, hope to meet all of you someday. Until then please visit
this site for info and my monthly (if I'm not on location) messages.
I hope that you are all well and happy.
Until next time,
As I remain,
your friend,

These are the previous Q & A answered by Melissa.


I first off wanna say your an extermly talented lady. I have always enjoyed all your work, but "Donor" stood out to me the most due to a reason I had a friend who passed on from the disease Progeria. Was that at all a hard role? Good luck in all you do! - Scotty
The role in "Donor" was a bit challenging physically. But, I had a really great time shooting it.

I think you are awsome. I am the mother of a 21 month old beautiful boy. What do you do for relaxation during the day? What is your favourite junk food?
I try and read, alone somewhere with some classical music and a nicely scented candle burning. My favorite junk foods are, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and spicy, fried pork- rinds. I almost never get to eat them!

Dear Melissa, are any of your children going into acting, and would you want them to pursue it ? Also what are you working on now any new movies or projects? I love all your shows and never miss any show your in. Keep up the good work. a faithful fan Connie Pettit
So far none of my kids is acting professionally. I have no projects lined
up right now...but I have a few things cooking.

Will melissa will be taken part in this at all, Patty Duke Intimate Portrait?
Yes, and she will be in my A&E Biography.

How did you get the part of Laura Ingalls and do you keep in contact w/ any of the other members of LHOTP?
I got Laura through the normal audition and screen test process. I still speak to various members of the cast every now and then.

The credits for "Little House ......" include "Developed for Television by Blanche Hanalis". What exactly did she do? - Tom
I have no idea.....isn't THAT silly.

I am an ardent admirer of Melissa Gilbert. I have watched Sylvester many times. I was so curious...did she do all the actual riding scenes in the movie? Her acting is superb...just wanted to send a smily face and say.."you go girl!" :)
I did all of the riding except for the big jumps, the falls and
the horse-to-horse transfer by the highway......

Looking back at your Little House Episodes, What episode can you honestly say you could watch it over and over again? Thanks, Rob
All of them!!!!!!!

Is there any chance of an occasional live chat forum? And do you ever just chat online and enjoy the anonymity? Angie Cottom Dunn
I don't chat on line much at all. I can't type fast enough!

I was wondering what political party Melissa and Bruce belong to and does it say Melissa boxlightner on her driver license?
I am a registered Democrat. Bruce is a Republican. Melissa Gilbert is on my driver's license

Dear Melissa, Just a little note to tell you what a great fan I am of you and your work. You are truly blessed. What my questions is: How was your leading man in the movie Splendor in the Grass???? Keep up your great work. Love a fan for life. Cindy
His name is Cyril O'rielly and he was terrific to work with. I must admit that I fell madly in love with him while we were shooting.We still speak occasionally.

Melissa, Was you a very close friend to Alison Arngrim even though you were like enemies to each other on the show LHOTP ? I enjoyed watching that show and still do twice a day in the morning. Best of Luck
Alison and I are still very close. She is the only LHOTP cast member that I speak to regularly.

Do you ever accompany Bruce when he attends fan conventions? I read that he will be attending one in Baltimore in July, and I was wondering if you both would be there together. -Lynn - Balt., MD.
I will not be with Bruce in Baltimore.

Have you read the books written about Rose by Roger Mcbride? - Meggie Lambert
No, I have not read the books about Rose.

How many brothers and sister do you have? Amanda, Canada
I have one brother and one sister.

In your interview on 'The View' you explained how a love scene is shot. My question is how does it affect you when you see Bruce in a love scene and how does it affect him when he sees you in a love scene? OK it was two questions...Lorie Wylie Hocking Co. Ohio
Bruce and I don't like to watch each other's love scenes. He groans and covers his eyes and I say mean things about the woman in the scene with him!

Is there ever a reunion where you and the other cast members on LHOTP get together apart from making a reunion show?
We have no plans for any kind of reunion in the near future.

Did you have any fond memories of Victor French? Tim Chandler
I loved Victor French dearly. I have many fond memories of him.I am so glad there are reruns on where I can see us together.

Is it hard for such a big star as yourself to go out in public and not be recognized by a lot of fans? Tim Chandler
It is a lot easier for me to go out in public than you think...now, Meg Ryan....for her it's not so easy!

What is your favourite Christmas Dessert Recipe? Thanks, James and Karen Galbraith
I love mincemeat pie at Christmas....I know, I'm a little wierd.

You often wear your sleeves rolled up on the screen. Is it just a habit or is it a way of showing you are a determined sort of person?
I don't like sleeves....I am determined, yes...but sleeves make me hot and for me hot is a bad thing. I'm happiest when I'm nice and cool.

Laura really loved Bunny on Little House. Do you have a real love for horses also? Do you own any? Thanks, James and Karen Galbraith
I do like horses. I've had a few horses in the past, I don't have one right now, but my husband does.

How was it to play Almanzo Wilder's (Dean Butler) wife in Little House On The Prairie? Love Lise
I enjoyed working with Dean Butler very much.

What's your favourite movie? Gabi
My all time favorite is......."Limelight" by, Charlie Chaplin.

Are the indoor scenes from, for example, the church/school, the mercantile and the little house filmed in the actual set or are they filmed in the studios. - Thanks and best wishes, Simone Holla (from the Netherlands)
The indoor scenes were filmed on the stage.

When you go on location, does your family often travel with you?
My family travels with me or I go back and forth.

Do you have any pets? I have a Dalmatian, named Zorro, and a cat, named Mario. - angela
I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rabbit, 3birds and one hamster.

I see that you celebrate Christmas, what religion do you practice?
My family is Jewish, but I carry a knowledge and respect for all religions. I don't practice one specifically.

In a 1996 AOL chat someone asked you what you hoped to be doing in 5 years. You answered: Hopefully, finally, picking corn out of that vegetable garden I have been trying to plant... for the last 15 years but haven't had time to! Watching one son graduate from high school... and having time to travel and explore the world with my remarkable husband. - I was wondering... did you ever get to planting the corn? - :) Emma
Still have to buy that corn at the market!

Melissa, Thank you so much for coming to Fan Source this year, you looked beautiful . (Even though you weren't feeling well.) I was wondering who your favorite clothing/ shoe designers are?
.I love Tom Ford for Gucci, Armani anything...Vera Wang, Badgely Mishka, J Crew, and anything cashmere. For shoes...Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Prada and converse high-tops.

Professionaly, what do you consider to be the next great challenge to you in the television industry? (er... meaning now that you have acted, directed, been a star... etc. Perhaps there is a type of role, or a genre that you would like to direct?) :) Emma
More directing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a 26 yr old Marine Biologist in Savannah, GA who is a huge fan of Mrs. Boxleitner's. I was wondering if it was fun filming that show with Rosie O'Donnell as your sister? She seems nice. I was picked by her to do the announce on her show in 98 and she gave me a backstage dressing room and everything. I loved the show, and thought it was hilarious! Thanks, Gini
I loved working with Rosie...she's great!!

Bruce was asked if it was love at first sight. He said no, it was forever at first sight. How was it for you?
When I first saw Bruce I knew that no man would ever measure up. He was it !!!!

What was your personal favorite LHOTP Episode and why? Stacey / Nequi

My favorite "Little House" episode is "The Lord is my Shepard". I think it is because it really showed just what my relationship with Michael Landon was all about.

I was just wordreing what you like about playing Laura in the little house on the prairie.And how old was you when you started? - Nequi

I loved playing Laura Ingalls. I started when I was 9 and I was 19 when the show ended.

Have you ever used hair extensions in any of your movies or has it always been your natural hair?

I had hair extensions in one film, "The Soul Collector".

Is it true that you once posed for playboy?

I was offered money to pose for playboy last year but I turned them down.

Are you still mostly recognized as portraying LAURA. Do fans recognize you when you go out? - Nequi

I am mostly recognized for playing Laura.

What was it like filming the fInal episode where Walnut Grove blows up? - Nequi

Filming the final "Little House" episode was like a very intense funeral. I cried for eight days straight!!!!

Do you smoke or drink?

I used to smoke. I will have the ocasional Martini or a glass of wine...in fact...I am having a little Chardonnay right now!

Did you ever read any of the Little House books and any of the books about Laura Ingalls Wilder? - Susan

I read all the "Little House" books growing up.

Did you enjoy working with your younger brother Jonathan on Little House and on "The Miricle Worker?'' How old were the both of you?

My brother and I are three years apart. Working with him was great fun. It was fun to be surrounded by all the kids on the show.

Hi! I`m a big fan of your`s and I grew up watching you & wishing I was you. I was wondering, do you collect anything? - Marge

I collect antique baby shoes, and limoges boxes.

We've got ourselves a dilemma, myself and some people for work are fueding over braces... did you ever have them and if so was that ever noticable in Little House?

I had braces for YEARS. However, only when the show was not shooting. I had a neck-gear (Yuck!) and a lot of stuff behind my teeth that no one could see. In fact, I'm getting a new retainer in about one week. It seems my teeth are starting ti shift again!!!!!

Not including the ones you have stared in, what is your favorite television show and your favorite movie? Laura, IL

"Sunset Boulevard" "Giant" "Casablanca" "Gone With the Wind" "Waiting for Guffman" "Apocalypse Now" "My Favorite Year"...there are so many. As far as T.V. goes...."The Honeymooners" "I love Lucy" and a new cable show called "Trauma: LIfe in the E.R."

I've seen all of the LHOTP episodes. I was wondering what your best memory was of the show and of Michael Landon.Thanks!! - Nequi

I cannot begin to list all of the INCREDIBLE memories I have of "Little House" To pick just one would be impossible!!!!

What will you and your family do on christmas day?

On Christmas we will open presents, eat a lot and I will spend the rest of the day assembling toys and cleaning up the mess. I'll also be staring at my family and thanking God that they are in my life!

I'm wondering why you would trade places with her cat. Its an interesting concept - Loree

My cats don't pay taxes, work or worry. All they do is eat, languish and find warm places to sleep. Not to mention the fact that they get petted and loved 24 hours a day!

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is a woman named Anne-Marie MacDonald. She has only written one novel,"Fall on Your Knees" but it is the greatest book I've ever read.

When will Sanctuary be shown on TV?

Sanctuary will air on C.B.S. on December 6th.

Do you see Sara very often? and does she have a contact address?

I don't see Sara as much as I would like to. Our lives are very busy. But, we speak regularly. She can be reached through the William Morris Agency.

Do you admire Patty Duke and what was it like working on movies with her? - Love, Anthony Spears

Working with Patty Duke is a dream. I wish she was in all of my movies.

How tall are you and your husband? Who gave you your nickname "Half-Pint"?

I am 5'3". Bruce is 6'2". Michel Landon nicknamed me "Halfpint".

I have never heard you speak about Melissa Sue Anderson, Did the two of you get along?

Melissa Sue and I got along okay. We were never really close. Our lives were just different.

How is your family doing? How old are the boys now?

My family is doing great. Sam is 20, Lee is just about 15, Dakota is 11 and Michael just turned 5.

Where is the set of "Little House on The Prairie" located?

The "Little House" set is located at Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley.

What is your most favorite role of all you have played?

My career has been so diverse that I cannot pick just one role that I love the most.

Was Michael Landon like the character he played on little house?

Micheal Landon was a lot like "Pa" only he had a much more wicked sense of humor.

What was Katherine MacGregor really like?

Katharine MacGregor was not at all like Mrs. Olson. She was kind, sweet, and funny. She once took all of us kids to see "Jaws".

Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members (LHOTP)? Who were you closest to during the show?

I speak to Alison Arngim regularly. She was my closest friend on the set. We always thought of each other as sisters.

What kind of music do you like?

I like all kinds of music.

Do you ever get jealous of the female attention Bruce gets?

I don't get jealous of the female attention that Bruce gets. It only serves to remind me that I do in fact have good taste!!!!!! Ha ha ha....

Did You had any luck on getting a part on ER and can we help in anyway to get it?

I would love to do an episode or more of E.R. write to the shows producers and tell them if you want. That would be great.

What are your favorite foods?

Sushi.... fried chicken with mashed potatoes.... I like all Asian foods and my favorite fruit is mangoes.

What was it like working with Bruce on Babylon 5 ? Can you give us some specific things that happened while you were shooting?

I loved working with Bruce on B5. I love working with him on anything. I remember being really nervous, for a few reasons. First, it was my first job after having our son, Michael, I was still nursing and he had been so sick when he was born I still had to have him with me all day, everyday. Second, It was Bruce's world, his set, although I had visited, I kind of felt like I was intruding. Third, it didn't help that my first scene was walking in to find him in bed with another woman in the room....that was a bit odd, but once I did my first shot the rest was a blast. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming. I didn't feel the least bit awkward at all.

Will there be a Little House Reunion? Any plans to direct?

There are no plans to do a "Little House" reunion at this time. We wanted to but the man who owns the rights wouldn't give us permission. I have no immediate plans to direct. But would love to.

I was wondering if we can get any information on the movie you are due to film next.

The movie is based on a novel by Nora Roberts called"Sanctuary". It is a romantic thriller. My leading man is Costas Mandylor and My Aunt is being played by Kathy Baker. It's a bit of a "Picket Fences" reunion.

Diana Serra-Cary told us about "Child Stars: Their Story" and that you borrowed a photograph of herself and Roddy McDowall, which makes us wonder if Roddy is featured in the documentary. We have a website devoted to Roddy where we publish a TV guide of his shows. We'd really appreciate it if you could confirm that Roddy is in "Child Stars: Their Story".

Unfortunately Roddy is not in our documentary. As we only focused on former child actors wo are still with us. However, on a personal note, I spoke to Roddy when 'Child Stars" was in it's first stages and he said he thought it could not be done, but, if I did it, he would be a part of it. Unfortunately for all of us he passed away shortly there after.

What charities do you sponsor and how do you stay in shape?

I work with March of Dimes, Childhelp and the Make a wish foundation. I work out five days per week. At least a half an hour of cardio everyday. I work out with weights four times per week.

What is her brother Jonathon up to?

Jonathan continues to persue acting in the Los Angeles area.

Please can you post your recipe for Southern Fried Chicken

Melissa's Fried Chicken Recipe

Bear in mind that I "eye-ball" the ingredients so there are no definite amounts of anything.

1 cut up fryer chicken, rinsed and patted dry.
Cooking oil......enough to fill a large frying pan 1/2 inch
All Purpose Four......app. 1 cup
Old Bay Seasoning....app. 3 tablespoons
Salt/ Pepper to taste.

Combine flour, old bay, salt and pepper in a large zip.lock bag, close bag and shake until ingredients are mixed. Drop in chicken pieces, seal bag and shake until pieces are evenly coated.
Heat oil in frying pan over high heat until a drop of water sizzles.Take chicken pieces and place them in the pan, skin side down. COVER, reduce heat to Med./High and cook for 15 minutes. Discard lid, turn chicken over and cook for 15 more minutes. (if chicken is not browning enough increase heat to High for last 15 minutes)
When chicken is done, drain on paper towels. Serve immediately or keep warm in 190 degree oven.

Were you in the music video for the movie GHOSTBUSTERS

That is me in the "Ghostbusters" video.